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Dear Parents!

I undertake making individual photos and photos of groups, classes in nursery schools and schools. Individual photos are taken with background and special lamp set. In addition, pictures can be expanded with frames that do not influence the price. Every picture can be developed in different size according to your decision. Every child is given a sample with an order form free of charge. It is your choice which picture with which frame in which size you would like to have.
10x15 cm400 HUF
13x18 cm500 HUF
20x30 cm (A4)1 500 HUF
4 pieces of passport photo500 HUF

Size versions that are different from the ones above are available with special agreement.
In addition to this I undertake photography of children and family. Pictures can be taken outdoors, a place reserved in advance or at home. Pictures can be ordered in any size according to your request. Photo calendars and photo books of the kindest pictures are available. I take photography in the countryside as well. Considering these conditions get in touch with me or send your contact so that I can find you.

With special thanks
Jozsef Szaka
+36 20 928 5190